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  • How much does your flour cost?
    Fyler Farms flour is sold by the pound. We have 3 standardized options, but you can request larger sizes at the product price. Sifted wheat flour sells for $0.75 per pound and whole wheat flour sells for $1.38 per pound.
  • Can I purchase bulk orders of flour?
    Yes you can request bulk orders. Please call or e-mail us to request the amount of flour you would like to order.
  • Do you sell flour to businesses?
    We will provide flour for business puposes in the Kansas City area only at this time. Please feel free to call or e-mail us with a request.
  • Can I purchase wheat berries instead of milled flour?
    Yes you can purchase wheat berries to use for planting, feed, or baking. Please call or e-mail us to request pricing for current prices.
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